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Weichert, Realtors is a residential and commercial real estate franchise headquartered in Morris Plains, New Jersey. It is a family-owned and operated business led by co-presidents, Jim and James Weichert.

A former employee of Weichert wrote this on indeed: At Weichert theres no support from manager, back stabbing coworkers. People stealing your business when you are new rather than offering assistance. Broker condoning bad behavior when brought to their attention. Attitude being well at least we have The business. Worse place in the planet to work.


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Real Estate Agent (Former Employee) says

"No support from manager, back stabbing coworkers. People stealing your business when you are new rather than offering assistance. Broker condoning bad behavior when brought to their attention. Attitude being well at least we have The business. Worse place in the planet to work.NoneEverything"

Gold Services Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worst job I ever had. Management a revolving door. 4 managers in 16 months each delivering a different message of goals and procedures. Career killer. Different companies managed in silos with no synergistic effort."

Vision, Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"The real estate market is not really great now & technology is outpacing some smaller firms. It is tougher to get listings unless you can put big money into advertising"

Real estate agent (Current Employee) says

"I want everyone to know, if you apply for the salary and commission position, it's not real. They will leave you hanging, and tell you the positions been filled.Nothing, they lied to me about everythingEverything, the salary, the training, everything is a lie."

Clerk (Former Employee) says

"one of the worst companies I have worked for; if you are a robot than work for this company; From management to employees ran by management. It's the worst."

Real Estate Salesperson (Current Employee) says

"The company is stagnant and does not want to change. In the very few instances when they do change they never follow through and cause culture shock and usually demotivate employees. Most of the heavy hitters have left or are thinking of leaving the company"

Real Estate Agent (Former Employee) says

"I was not paid for my services. I was mislead as to what a realtor earns, and lost money by being forced to belong to PAR,NAR,LVAR. I quit and will never work in that field again.learned a few things about real estateYes they are"

Realtor (Former Employee) says

"Broker's goals do not line up with agent's goals. Broker showed great example of salesmanship and deception from the very beginning. Glossed over a less than desirable situation, though it was completely to the brokers benefit and financial advancement, whiling making it appear as if it was the advancement of the new agents, There was a ridiculously large number of new agents, all of whom spent money and made money for the Weichert branding. And new agent recruitment has yet to cease.nationwide brandingoffice simply can not maintain the support promised for so many new agents"

Quality Control Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Never knew when and what direction your job security was coming from. Constant work in fear of loosing your job. Building conditions were awful. Mold and dirt caused many illnesses through the company building and in all the years there was not remedied.NonEverthing"

Realtor/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Unfotunately, there is no focus on the customer/client and their choices or eveen what is best for them. The focus is solely on the maanager of the individual offices and what busines they want ot see their favoirite agents do. Your best bet to get the good sales leads (and contracts) is often to be the young cute woman agent in the office. Sad.noneno money. company is constantly reaching into your pocket to pay for eveything."

Realtor (Former Employee) says

"Broker did not pay agents money due them. Unethical behavior from the broker on a regular basis. Did not counsel buyers properly. Working got progressively worse year by year. Disappointing experience."

REALTOR (Former Employee) says

"Although the work atmosphere was excellent and supportive, there was just not enough training and mentoring to begin a successful career as a REATLOR."

Gold Services (Former Employee) says

"Has to be the worst company to work for. They are operating business like it the 80's Management is out of touch. Majority of realtors are not evolving with the market. No training, same business module as 1998. Its all about paying the owner of the company."

Licensing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"They don't treat employees well. They think nothing of removing your position and trying to run everything from corporate headquarters in New Jersey"

Mortgage Closer (Former Employee) says

"Your day started off, everyday as having the nasty VP of closing operations at your desk going over your pipeline, asking the status of each loan, how long is it going to take you to work on each file and how you need to send the closing package within 48 hours. Then you get 100 emails from the manager saying the same thing. The Loan applications are cleared to close by underwriter hours after all parties are sitting at the closing table. You could imagine all the nasty calls you endure by borrowers, title co, attorneys, sellers, loan officers, realtors. Management is a joke. They micromanage you to death about the files and your pipeline but never offer you a lending hand. Goals are unrealistic. You have to submit the closing package 48 before the closing date but they never get approved by the underwriter within the 48 hours, usually the day of the closing, the majority of times hours after the closing is scheduled. So you have to send the closing package so it gets time stamped in the system & management gets credit for it, even though it has not been approved by the underwriter so it reflects on the pipeline as the closing package being sent out within 48 hours. Then you have to resend it again after it's approved by the underwriter and hope that the title company weichert title gets the right closing package signed which they never do. If weichert title has the borrowers sign the wrong closing package, they have to call the borrower and ask them to resign the correct one. The New VP of closing Operations wants you to work overtime but not get paid for itCoworkersMust work overtime but not get paid, low morale, stressful job, lack of good management"

Sales Agent (Current Employee) says

"During mt time the market was horrible. The sales agents were cut throat. Had to do loads of open house just to get a good potential client"

Online Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend working for this company. Management will make empty promises. Contracts are not adhered to and the lack of professionalism is apparent each time you deal with anybody in the office.noneno benefits, no raises, empty promises"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"No job advancement and the management stinks. I would not recommend anyone work for this company. Plus the compensation is below industry standards.NoneNone"

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"When I started the company they encouraged family values. Since the new President has taken over it has been intolerable. He talks to you any way he wants and is very disrespectful. Insurance Dept is always changing the procedures, the teams, and the offices and nothing is ever consistent. You are constantly working around the clock because clients and realtors and managers constantly call you day and night. There is never any appreciation for anything and they always find a way to make you give more. I never enjoyed working here and mostly it is just getting worse. You learn a lot by hands on experience because the training department is horrible so don't expect to learn from them. They took away all the CE credits and expect to travel. FYI forget about any snow days or state of emergencies you will still have to come in. No job security every day you wonder if you are going to be next to get the pink slip. If you are straight out of college it will make you NEVER want to be in this industry again.Hope you like pizza, helpful coworkersPresident of Insurance Department, moody & unmotivating management, parking lot, no home/work balance. LOTS of micromanagement"

REAL ESTATE AGENT (Current Employee) says

"Too much work, too little pay, I hate my life. On the verge of filing for bankruptcy. Can't get through another day. I don't know what else to write."

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